Lipigas ranked 9th among the Best Companies for Working Fathers and Mothers in the category of Large Enterprises.
Beginning with this version of the survey – which is annually prepared by Fundación Chile Unido in conjunction with Revista Ya of El Mercurio – a new category was incorporated, defining a ranking for 4 types of organizations: Big Corporations (with more than 1,000 employees); Large Enterprises (between 200 and 999 employees); SMEs (up to 199 employees) and public bodies.
Thus, in the category of Large Enterprises, composed of 31 entities, Lipigas ranked 9th, advancing from the 12th position achieved in the previous research.
 “This award fills us with satisfaction because we have made a concerted effort to make this company a good place so people can develop, both professionally and on a personal level, with actions that not only benefit the employee but mainly their families, especially children”, said Mylene Iribarne, People Manager.
The purpose of this research is to identify the current state of family-work conciliation practices among participating organizations, delving in its existence, but also in the use and evaluation by colleagues, allowing to identify who are the leading organizations in this area.