Aware of our role as a service company, and as part of its founding pillars, we are highly committed with the community and our stakeholders.
For the company, people are the center of our work, and therefore fosters responsible management towards its workers and network of external collaborators (distributors, contractors, among others), as well as its customers and surrounding communities.

Inspired by our values of respect, care of people and transparencies, we strive for sustainable behavior, through various permanent actions within the company and others arising from our daily tasks.


Continuing with our purpose of giving access to clean energies to the communities, we have proposed to contribute to the decontamination of the cities of the south of Chile, especially affected by the effects of the use of firewood and other lower quality fuels that pollute the air, specifically during winter.

We believe that LPG is an immediate and available alternative for the substitution of those with high particulate matter emissions.

It is in this context that in April 2018 we began a campaign called “Cozy Winter, Lipigas Winter “, whose purpose is to promote behaviors that help to clean the environment, among them use energies with lower emissions such as LPG.

The campaign is carried out with the support of a truck that moves an interactive house that runs through the cities of central and southern Chile, with different activities and conducting workshops aimed at school students from the communities visited. These are: Temuco, Padre Las Casas, Osorno, Los Angeles, San Pedro de La Paz, Talcahuano, Chillán, Curicó and Rancagua.

In each locality, our “Cozy Truck” summons the community and shares the attributes of LPG for different uses, especially in heating. These qualities are:

1. Comfort in the order and dispatch at home.
2. Easy to transport and store.
3. Available for different purposes (kitchen, hot water, heating).
4. Environmentally friendly.
5. Safe and reliable.


The purpose of the -new and first- Inclusion and Diversity Policy, is to generate diverse working environments, where respect and valuation of individual differences are the engine that develops a sustainable business, the policy was made for Chile with the participation of several representatives of the organization.

Other actions:

  • Competitive Fund “Comunidad Mujer”: Women for Equality
    Lipigas supports the Competitive Fund “Comunidad Mujer”, which each year allows social organizations that promote equality between women and men, to execute projects throughout Chile.

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  • New Air
    Lipigas has become an active participant in the “New Air” campaign that seeks to decontaminate Chile’s southern cities. This initiative has joined several companies, that are leaders of the civil society and is endorsed by the Araucanía’s Journalistic Society.
  • Run for life
    Every year, Lipigas supports “Run for Life”, organized by the Yo Mujer Corporation, for the prevention of breast cancer.
  • Social Education Program and Inclusive Museum-Mavi
    Since 2007, Lipigas directly supports various programs developed by the Department of Education of the Museum of Visual Arts (Mavi), which includes actions with educational establishments that promote visits to the museum, located in the Lastarria neighborhood, where it has a large artwork collection. In its capacity as “inclusive museum”, different initiatives are promoted that seek to integrate disabled people, senior citizens and migrants.