In order to continue its growth plan in the electricity business, Empresas Lipigas reported this Wednesday the purchase of 100% of the property of the two companies that make up the Ecom operations in Chile, experts in management, contract administration and energy marketing electrical.

The acquisition was made through the electrical subsidiary of Empresas Lipigas, EVOL SpA, for an amount of USD 4.2 million plus variables based on results. It comprises all the shares issued by the companies Ecom Energía Chile SpA and Ecom Generación SpA, which will continue to be managed by their current team, headed by their general manager, Sebastián Novoa.

The purchase follows the strategy of Empresas Lipigas to generate new capacities and actively participate in the electricity business, given its growing importance in Chile’s energy matrix and the opportunities it implies for the company’s growth.

Ecom Energía provides advisory services on energy purchases, management and intelligence of supply contracts, electrical advice, audits of supply contracts, comprehensive support in electrical projects and energy marketing. It currently manages a portfolio of approximately 900 GWh/year and has advised more than 300 free clients in the country. For its part, Ecom Generación sells energy in the Chilean electricity market.

“At Lipigas we are implementing a corporate growth and business diversification strategy for the coming years. One of the pillars of this strategy is our electricity business, in which we see enormous potential. Within this framework, a few weeks ago we announced the creation of our electricity business subsidiary, EVOL, and now, the acquisition of Ecom Energía and Ecom Generación, which will be a relevant contribution to the development of the Lipigas electricity business”, said Ángel Mafucci, manager General of Lipigas Companies.

Meanwhile, the general manager of Ecom Energía, Sebastián Novoa, indicated that “today is an important day for our entire team. Entering Lipigas is a recognition of how we have done things and the path we have built. This new stage is not just about going further, we want the electricity market to worry again and place the end user at its center. We know that with Lipigas Companies we can achieve our objective”.

In September, Lipigas announced the creation of its electricity subsidiary, EVOL SpA, which will group activities related to the electricity business, such as the sale of electricity, the provision of energy efficiency services, renewable electricity generation and advice on electricity projects , among other.