The new terminal at the Quintero Bay built by Lipigas began operating its facilities for the reception, storage and dispatch of LPG, representing an approximate US$63 million investment.
These facilities, which began to be built two years ago, will allow the Company to import approximately 250 thousand tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) per year and to acquire raw materials on the international market.
The facilities are located within the maritime terminal built by Oxiquim S.A. to service Lipigas exclusively, pursuant to a 25-year term, extendible lease agreement.
The new infrastructure for the reception, storage and dispatch of LPG, will contribute to increase the total capacity of import by sea for the central zone of Chile by 50%, responding to the sustained demand increase for this fuel in the country. If annual LPG consumption in 2004 was 939 tons, it increased to 1,164,000 tons in 2014, estimating 1,200,000 tons for 2015.
“With this construction, Lipigas is contributing to significantly increase the total LPG import and storage capacity in Chile and it is ensuring the continuous supply of energy that is used in 96% of households in Chile,” said Angel Mafucci, General Manager of Lipigas.
The refrigerated tank has a capacity of 25 thousand tons (50 thousand cubic meters) and it is connected to an underground pipeline system carrying fuel to the packaging plants of Lipigas in Maipu, in the Metropolitan Region, and Concón, in the Region of Valparaíso. The terminal also features ramps to supply trucks with LPG which transport it to the different regions of the north and south of Chile.