Be a relevant player in the energy market in Latin America, creating long-term value for our shareholders, collaborators, customers and the societies where we operate, delivering suitable solutions for each one of our customers.


Be an energy company that contributes to sustainable development, improving the quality of life, through the commercialization of energy solutions in Latin America.

Our values

Caring for people

We work so that our operations are developed under strict safety standards and care of the environment.

We are concerned with contributing to the education of our collaborators, customers and community in the safe handling of the products we commercialize.


 Towards our customers, who give us the ability to exist as a company. We care about knowing and meeting their needs, delivering quality services and products, in a timely manner, and fulfilling our commitments.

Towards our network of collaborators, the engine of our activity. We build a challenging and motivating work environment, seeking excellence and team spirit, safeguarding the work environment and quality of life.

Towards our shareholders, ensuring sustainable results for the company.


We develop our activity in an ethical manner, through open, reliable, and fair labor and trade relationships. We are responsible for our decisions and commitments, communicating them to the relevant stakeholders.