Our extensive experience in the gas market has allowed us to venture into various markets, offering energy solutions. Each of our products are distributed and reach the final customer in various formats, according to their needs.

Adding the three countries in which we operates, we service more than 2.6 million customers:

  • Residentials
  • Commercials
  • Industrials
  • Transport

The needs that are covered for each of these clients are:

LGP client

Residentials: gas is an adequate solution for food cooking, heating and water heating needs in homes of all sizes. Its use is also possible in artifacts that traditionally use other sources of energy, such as air conditioning equipment, clothes dryers and pool air conditioning, among others.

In the case of liquefied gas packed in cylinders, it is taken to the home, through our distribution network.




Commercials: is an efficient option for commercial establishments that require energy for operation, such as bakeries, restaurants, hotels and hospitals, among others. Customers can be of varying sizes, from small low-power installations to large chains, using as a distribution mechanism the connection to a network of liquefied gas or natural gas, bulk gas or bottled in cylinders.




Glass factory


Industrials: Liquefied gas and natural gas, in its different formats, are used as a source of energy in various industrial processes, such as cooking ceramics, manufacturing glass and plastics, foundries and heat treatment of metals, heating of animal farms, fish farms and greenhouses, dehydration processes and food drying, drying paints and steam generation, among others. These are very appropriate energies in industries that require rigorous temperature control and clean combustion.



Fork-lift cranes

Transport: In its use as a vehicle fuel, gas is a highly efficient, safe, competitive and environmentally friendly alternative. In addition to emitting less polluting particles into the atmosphere and generating reduced emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), it allows for interesting savings in transport costs against liquid fuels such as gasoline. It is used in vehicles, fork-lift cranes and other means of transport such as nautical vessels.